I plan to share worth-sharing notes from day life, anytime.

The Dots

The dots that connect to form lines, shapes, characters, and stories. Most often. And a life somewhere.

Summary of things from August-December 2017:

Started playing football (he showed me dribbling videos and now I pass the ball effectively), learnt cycling

Watched videos of some architecture wonders in tunnels, dams, and buildings

Lost my front tooth - how I had a window and the food when chewed in my mouth could see the light of the outside world

Brisk walk round in mornings, and an occasional cricket session in the evening

14 July: Drawing shapes and coloring these. Played snakes and ladders in reverse and won 2 out of 3 games.

12 July: Got a new ball to play cricket, and also played badminton in the lobby.

11 July: Had a moment of fear thinking of my skating class next day. She assured me of full cooperation and understanding. He told me two stories for why I need to be smarter. The next morning was a better one.

10 July: Had a long day with folks and extended family in sector 20 and then shopping.

07 July: Not a good day in school, some lessons learnt at home.