I derived all my experiences from observations - mostly by shapes and patterns.

Be aware of what parents are

It was very important for me to be aware of what my parents are talking, and doing, or how they are responding to everyday situations. I also noticed what not to do, how not to respond, and what to avoid and ignore. Respect and courtesy were important that I could even see these in the shapes on our room walls.

Two lines and some gap on our wall meant a shape to me. Some scratch on floor. A few stars in the sky. Some pattern in the pillow cover. Everything meant something to me, and I gained (at least filled my mind) from everything I noticed anywhere.

Pampering and playing was dotting with carefully crafted instructions for civic sense. I realized that we need to put a price tag on all aspects of our conduct - what we speak, think, and how we respond to life, without being overly concerned and without losing the spontaniety of the experience.

A School to Accelerate

All the fun and learnings needed a formal touch and that was the time when I walked into my first school - The Big Apply Preschool Sector 12 Panchkula.

I noticed a lot of friction in the transition from my world to a new world. I was annoyed, angry, and helpless in the beginning but they supported me well. Gradually, I found my shapes and patterns, and found some friends in ABC, DEF. He told me stories and I inherited the storytelling skills to win many 'Show and Tell' activities in the class, including a first prize in the storytelling activity.

It was a roller-coaster ride now and rightly so, it had to come to an end. After two years, I had to quit The Big Apple Preschool. He gave a beautiful tribute to this school.

They found another school for me, and it was a terrible feeling to begin with. Resistance to change did not help and I was almost thrown in my school bus for first few days. His masterstroke worked as he shared in this story, and I was back to the running space. It was good.

Waves to Learn

Waves are about highs and lows. There were times when I was too happy, or too scared. And then there were times when something happens that really questions my ownership of self. For instance one day I fell in school and it hurt me for a while. Then I thought of waves, and smiled away at my broken arm.

Concept in Blocks

[January 03, 2018] While playing with blocks, I ended up planning a restaurant. I like it to be walkable from my apartment, the parents can check the weight of their infants, and people should be able to walk around to digest the food.