08 August 2017. I am six today.

Many years later when a generation may be curious to know how the kids were like (raised, responded, given space, guaranteed, made to cross the road, lifted, or thrown to challenges) in 2010s, this voice may contribute.

This voice is mine. This space too. He is only a medium.

My first world was about two persons - my mom and my dad. I did not enjoy anyone else around me for a long time and my uncles and aunts longed to play with me! See My World for more.

I could enjoy looking at the wall. I enjoyed with a small rubber band in my hand, and I loved small things. I did not chase variety or something new. I learnt everything in small interactions and experiences. See Experiences for more.

While playing or when learning ABC, I was always weaving stories. Their first few small strokes to help me identify shapes (of A for Apple) meant stories to me. When I write, I want to use each stroke as a character. See Storytelling for more.